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How can you tell if you have been traumatized?

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Emotional and mental symptoms:

Constant denial

Feeling confused and unable to focus on simple life chores

Having a hard time dealing with anger, irritable, and constant mood swings

Feelings of anxiety and impending fear that causes you to self-medicate i.e. alcohol, drugs or prescription medication

You constantly feel guilt, shame, and self-blame over something you did or did not do

Traumatized people have a tendency to withdraw from other people and experience a feeling of sadness and hopelessness

Feeling total disconnected and numb from routine daily life



Are you a PLEASER? Did you grow up in a home where your parents were over protective of you and criticized everything you did? If so, as an adult, you tend to avoid conflict at all costs and tend to put other people's need before your own, you over apologize for your actions. Often times you will walk away from relationships because you feel you are not good enough for the person. The way our care takers raised us determine our understanding of what and how to love. This includes how we were loved, how love was expressed to us. The way in which we were raised as children is an important part of how you will love in your adult life. "Expressive, affectionate and attentive parents tend to raise healthy children who are comfortable expressing themselves in areas of love and relationships.


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