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Mama Vergi Life Coaching


Learn to reach into your past and heal the hurt, abuse, neglect, and any other negative issues  suffered in your life.  Allow me to guide you into a world where anything you desire will be within your reach as you travel on your spiritual journey.

Control of
Do you know who the Ego mind and Spirit mind are?  Is Your Ego Mind your Master?

Self-Mastery Coach

Mama Vergi is a delight to work with. At a low point in my life she helped me overcome the feeling of giving up by helping me to identify the root of my problem and guiding me through the necessary steps to overcome them. Thank You Mama Vergi! NM

I did not realize how much past baggage I had and how much it was weighing me down until I started working with Mama Vergi. I feel so free now and working with more healthier ways of coping with stress. Thank you Mama Vergi. RG

Mama Vergi helped guide me through a difficult time in my marriage. She was so encouraging and helped me see that there were some things that I could improve in myself that would help my marriage. She was so right! CJ

Things seemed to be upside down in my life. I contacted Mama Vergi and after talking with her she helped me understand that holding on to the past was hindering me from progression. I am so glad that she opened my eyes. BD

Mama Vergi helped me realize that I had to fix myself first in order to be a good partner for someone else. Thank You Mama Vergi for your wisdom. SF

Self-Mastery and how it will help you attain your desires


  • Give yourself the parenting you craved and needed as a child by learning Self-Parenting  .


  • Develop a spiritual relationship formed for the purpose of spiritual growth.


  • Discover the value of meditation.  


  • Take charge of your finances through Money Mastery


  • Understand the real reason for your weight gain through Weight Mastery-


  • Learn to be the best parent ever NOW.

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